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Stepper Motor Controller
BLDC Motor Controller
DC Motor Controller
Linear Motor Controller


Motion controller

General description

The M101 is designed to drive a lot of different types of motors:
- Linear motor 2 phases (like LinMot Motors)
- Linear motor 3 phases (like Faulhaber Linear DC Servomotors)
- Stepper motor 2 phases (Hybrid)
- Stepper motor 3 phases (Hybrid)
- DC motor
- BLDC motor 3 phases (brushless DC-Motor)


Power supply for electronic 11.5 .. 12.5 V DC
Power supply for motor 12 .. 48 (12 .. 72) V DC
Max. continuous output current 7.0 pro Phase
Max. peak output current 9.0 (M102), 5.0 (M101) A
Total standby current 190 mA
PWM switching frequency 20 (with 40 kHz regulation) kHz
Digital inputs
Signal level low
Signal level high
Current absorption max
Scanning rate
6 inputs, programmable, 3.3..24V
0 .. 1.5
2 .. 24

Digital outputs
Max voltage
Current max
Scanning rate
4 transistor outputs open collector

Speed range for stepper motor 0 .. 10000 full-step/s
Speed range for BLDC motor 0 .. 60000 rpm
Speed range for DC motor 0 .. 30000 rpm
Speed range for linear motor 0 .. 5 m/s
Scanning rate 10 kHz
RS232 Interface max 115.2, default 19.2 kBaud
CAN Interface (between more M101, M102) Max. 1000, default 125 kbit/s
Operating mode for stepper motor pure-sinusoidal current control technology for Stepper Motor  
Operating mode positioning, homing, programmable, automatic idle-current reduction,
1 analog input 0..10V (adjustable)
Position monitoring yes, depending on encoder resolution  
Protection circuit Over-voltage, under-voltage, Short-voltage, over-current, short-circuit  
Current drop programmable and adjustable in 1% steps  
Temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Weight 210 g
Dimension of print-support 180 x 106 x 24 mm
External digital encoder RS422 max frequency 500 kHz
Encoder resolution with hall sensors for 3-phases Linear motor and BLDC 3072 Inc/Tm
Encoder resolution with hall sensors for 2-phases Linear motor 2047 Inc/Tm
Resolution with external digital encoder max: 65535 Inc./Tm


Linear Motor

Ultra low speed and high positioning resolution (1/3072 pole pitch) are thus possible. A supplementary external high resolution encoder increases the performances.


Stepper Motor

The M101 is a high performance microstepping drive based on pure-sinusoidal current control technology developed by SwissELME. The driven motors can run with smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement and have better performances at higher speed than most of the drives in the markets. It is suitable for driving 2-phase and 3-phase hybrid stepping motors.

Ultra low speed and very high positioning resolution (1/1024 of step) are thus possible, without creating vibration due to the resonance frequency of the motor. An external encoder allows to monitor the step lost. The optimized movement algorithm reduces a lot of vibration, especially at low speeds, and at the same time is possible to make fast movements (>10000 step/s).


Optimized performances

Setting rump-up and rump-down acceleration value, and maximal speed value, it is possible to modify the movement profile on the fly. Positioning with high resolution, including limit switches and zero referencing.


New HW technology

Power MOSFETs with minimal Rdson (on-resistance) allows high current without need of a supplementary heat sink.
High performance DSP controller.


Operational manual:


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